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Unapologetic Leadership

We live in a world where we are afraid to take a stand publicly. Whether it's your political beliefs, your football team, or just a disagreement with a family member. I have really struggled with this in 2020. I do have a set of values and beliefs that I WON'T apologize for. Now don't worry I am not going down any of those rabbit holes.

What I am going to give you are the 3 traits of an Unapologetic Leader that I live by. I hope they encourage you to "Do You" in 2021!

I believe that when we become unapologetic in our business and or life we are much more effective at empowering those around us. Nobody wants to follow a weak leader...NOBODY!

1) Be direct and honest in communication with everybody you encounter. It's never fun delivering bad news. But it's part of the game. Do it quickly and without reservation. I have found riping the bandaid off quickly is much less unpleasant than slowly doing it.

2) Before you announce your decision to the whole world think it through. Then when you announce don't waiver. An unapologetic leader has sought counsel PRIOR to any major announcements so therefore it's not up for negotiation. In today's uncertain time's people are craving steadfast leadership and they want to follow a leader that won't waiver.

I am not implying that all your decisions will be right, BUT the confidence goes a long way even when your wrong people tend to be more forgiving.

3) Celebrate the wins. Anytime my teams have achieved extraordinary success I make sure we STOP and celebrate, I mean party like it's 1999. One particular celebration I love to remember is when my sales team broke the NAFTA sales record in the automotive industry. The clicker stopped counting at midnight CST and we were the champions. That being said not a lot of options at that time of night. It didn't stop us. I sent one of our team members to McDonald's and 7-11 and he returned with 40 cheeseburgers and the cheapest champagne and paper solo cups I have ever celebrated with. But 9 years later I still think of that night fondly. After all, at 12:01 AM CST, we went from heroes

to zeros again so we had to seize the moment!

Carpe Diem,



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