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Ideas, Income, Impact Private Coaching Program is the result of Lisa’s belief in the possibility that every person has the freedom to think and grow exponentially—thinking without limits, figuring out how to make really big ideas work, and then taking off into a new realm of groundbreaking results.


The program is custom-designed for seasoned professionals who earn a minimum income of $100,000. If you’re interested in being part of Lisa Copeland’s private coaching program, we recommend that you make a decision to join as soon as possible. Just 5 spots are available per quarter, and Lisa starts only one group per quarter. That keeps it very exclusive and high quality.

Private Coaching Program

  • If you find yourself "stuck" and unable to Crush the Mediocrity in your business or career, now for the first time ever you can hire Lisa Copeland as your personal coach.

    Lisa has set world records in sales in her own Fiat dealership and can help you apply the same principles and techniques to set your own world records.

    You will get one meeting on Zoom per week for 12 weeks. Each and every week you and Lisa will personally meet and discuss any area you would like to improve in your business or career. 

    You will walk away from each meeting with actionable steps and assignments to Crush Mediocrity in your life!

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