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Meeting planners


1. Staging (raised platform) in the center of the front wall of the room. Please include steps off the front of the platform. No podium is necessary.

2. Keep the front row as close to the stage as possible. Approximately six feet away is ideal.

3. A bright stage will help keep the audience focus at the front of the room. Lisa will utilize the entire stage and will even walk into the audience. If the room has spotlights, please aim them for a general wash of the front of the stage. People are more alert in brightness. Dim the lighting on the screens but keep the house lights up full.

4. Use a dark backdrop to accentuate the speaker.


1. Projection Screen for power point is required.  Please use the largest projection screen possible.

2. Wireless lapel microphone and a hand-held microphone for audience participation segments.

3. Video projection system and associated cables for a laptop (Windows based) PowerPoint presentation.

4. Repeater/viewable monitor (for PowerPoint) located in front of stage.

5. Lisa will use a hand held remote to run through slides. She must be within 50 feet of the laptop for the remote to function. If unable to place the laptop within 50 feet of his position, then please provide an alternate remote-control system.

6. A laptop will need to be attached to a high-powered sound system as the presentation will have some detailed video and audio clips. Please provide the necessary interface items and adapters (RCA, 1/4″ or 1/8″ stereo mini-jack).


Lisa makes each event at which she speaks her highest priority. Her peak performance mantra and attitude goes with her everywhere, and she wants to be sure each time she takes the stage the audience gets 110%. Here are both the requested and required elements to ensure Lisa's presentation is executed flawlessly.


Please review the A/V requests below, and let us know if you have any questions. Lisa is flexible and will work with you and your team to maximize the effectiveness of your platform. If, at any point, you have questions or need additional information, please call EaglesTalent Speaker Management at 973-313-9800.




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